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More From Guy Leven Torres

Here is a new post from Guy Leven Torres via the excellent Scottish/British Nationalist People Blog. Mr Torres is a clear thinking individual, who whilst not a member of the BNP and never likely to be so, appears to share many of our concerns and opinions on the current state of play in our poor country.

Here he is having a pop at... well, lots of things.


Post from Guy Leven Torres

Erehwon Revisited: The BBC Sides With Hamas- When Will the Government and Media Start to Represent The Taxpayer?

The Israeli Palestinian conflict stirs emotions. I used to have sympathy with the Palestinian People until I found out what lay behind them and the final straw came. when they started suicide bombing.

The Palestinian problem will not be the solution to Islamic jihad, despite claims to the contrary. Even back in the sixties, Sati my ex Moslem friend tells me the clerics were already spouting jihad against the West. Indeed, jihad is part of a Moslem’s duty and The Moslem Brotherhood, that has deep links across the Islamic world has been actively pursuing violent activities against the West and those regimes in the Middle East that do not share. its plans for a World Caliphate.

Of course these creatures were given succour and financial support by a na├»ve British ‘Establishment’ over the last 30 years to the point the French Surete call London, ‘Londonistan’. The real boost to the fanatics’ desire to Islamise Britain and Europe came in 1997, with the election of Blair and the multicultural ‘Third Way’. Since then they have not looked back and Britain is now Islamising so fast. that Mohammed is the second if not the first name of choice in Britain among newborns.

I know of a typical ‘numpty’ Middle-Class couple who called their son ‘Mohammed’ and the poor boy is regularly ribbed at school. I even asked ‘Declan and Naomi’ why they were stupid enough to do such a thing? The family is white and as ‘English as tea and cucumber sandwiches’.

His reply to me was interesting…’Guy… Naomi and I wanted to name him to show our solidarity with the poor suffering Palestinians of the terrible Israeli genocide and with Moslems in Britain after the 7/7 bombings, that were our fault in a way!’ So to suit the parents pig ignorant world-views, about a subject they know nothing about, poor little ‘Moh’ has to suffer daily bullying by classmates.

I have tried umpteen times to explain to these Pod idiots the reality of the ‘Palestinian problem’ that is used by fanatics, to make the world feel guilty and to push jihad. Yet again we see the highly disturbing wishful thinking myopia of what passes for today’s ‘Middle Classes’. Declan is 36 and Naomi is around 38 years of age- The ‘Pod Generation’ as many of us now call this ‘Body Snatcher’ age group. They really are a brainwashed, unquestioning, programmed Zombie generation.- insipid, effete and clueless.

They turned up to my Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony in 1997, with torn jeans, sporting three days of beard growth or coloured hair. This was before they married to please my First Cousins.

At the buffet held at my home late that day, I asked them to go home to change into decent attire. Today Declan still, regularly fails to shave, still looks like a bag of refuse or vagabond but now wears typical slitty bureaucrat spectacles and is very ‘PC’.

One day I received a call from ‘Declan’ to ask me how to change a plug on his kettle. I sarcastically told him, ‘Get hold of a screwdriver….Unscrew..Er Declan you do know what a screw is do you? Then unscrew the wires- Brown positive, Blue negative….!’

He sounded confused so I drove over to do it for him- a 35 years old adult who cannot change a plug. I knew how to change a plug at five years old. He then informed me that under EU ‘Law’, it is a criminal offence to change a plug even in one’s home. I left before the irresistible urge to hit him overcame me to a point I could not prevent myself doing so.

This is the type of ‘adult’ that we have bred over the last 30 years. Yet Declan and Naomi earn over £78,000 between them, have three holidays a year, always eat out if they can, run two ‘SUVs’ and a BMW mini but are also obsessed with Global Warming. They don’t seem to see the contradiction. I have shown them charts, even films of the reality and cooling that has seen the coldest winter for 30 years in the UK. However they will not be convinced.

One of the jobs in the family is with the BBC by the way, within the publicity department that ‘interfaces with policy’. Declan is a second cousin of mine, so I have to suffer these two gadflies for the sake of family unity. The strong temptation remains though to take an assault rifle every time I have to visit them. Well a Roman sword will suffice actually…Very messy and I don’t want to upset my auntie and her son Andrew, my first cousin.

The BBC is become a national embarrassment. Anybody watching the biased coverage of Gaza, would think the Israelis were murderous Nazi thugs. Over concentration on ‘Israeli brutality’, much of it staged by ‘Hamas’ as they did in Beirut last year, until the same body of a dead girl appeared fifteen miles apart. I didn’t know dead little girls could walk did you?

Apparently she was conveyed by taxi and the journalists invited. The child died by the way, because Hamas had used her block of flats as an arms dump. The Geneva Convention forbids the use of civilians as shields and the storing of munitions in public housing and residential areas-it is actually a war crime.

I loathe the BBC by the way. I cannot forgive them for what they have done to Dr Who. I do actually like David Tennant but the recent episodes of Daleks conquering Earth, seemed so infantile and more like ‘East Enders’ meets the Time Lord, with hyped up, over emotional gesticulating and shouting at each other…All too ‘touchy feely’ to me of course. Nope I like my Time Lords, philosophical and quietly determined, rather than ham acted, poorly directed stuff we have forced on us nowadays.

My favourite Doctor will always be William Hartnell of course- The one and only…I also dislike several, almost hidden agendas in this syrupy ‘Big Bruvver’- ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ style Dr Who- for example short camera shots of men kissing and holding hands like to lost lovers. I wonder if parents have complained.

Homosexuality has no place in children’s programmes. I used the word ‘Infantile’ above. I used this word deliberately, because the older Dr Who was serious in atmosphere which kept the young audience on tenterhooks and in suspense, ready to run behind the settee. The modern versions are just embarrassing and amateur despite the lurid hype and special effects. The Daleks are too soft as well. Mind you what next? Gay Daleks perhaps?

Can you imagine it? Black Dalek orders his junior to exterminate Davros.

The junior Dalek refuses to obey……’You always get to wear black!’ he tells the senior Dalek. ‘That is positive discrimination…You will obey or I’ll scratch out your eye piece!’

‘Ooh Bitch!’

‘Well what do you expect in that outfit? Black honestly?’
‘The Doctor doesn’t like it either!’

‘He is an enemy of the Gay Daleks…Exterminate!’

‘Ooh he is so hetero!’
‘Sexulate! Sexulate! Sexulate!
‘Queerdom is supreme!’

Or what about Islamic Daleks?

‘We are waging jihad across the Universe!’
‘You will convert or be exterminated!’
‘We are supreme Moslems!’
‘Islamate! Islamate! Islamate!

I can jest about the national situation but when a murdering revolutionary thug and Marxist politician, responsible for the deaths of thousands of tortured prisoners, called ‘Che Guevara’ is lionised in a Hollywood blockbuster, then we can tell just how sick the West has become.

The society we live in now, is unrecognisable to us today. It bears little resemblance to the country we grew up in but seems increasingly like an alien race from Planet Guevara has taken the bodies, of what was once humanity. Our Government in Britain, seems intent on attacking and destroying us at every turn. Even Hazel Blears admits things may have gone too far with dangerous undercurrents, threatening violence and civil insurrection in working class white areas, that feel neglected.

I know that many academics have also started to voice great concern. One even phoned me before Christmas to voice his deep anxiety…. ‘Guy we never even believed a Labour Government would go this far!’

11 years later…We have Moslems in increasing positions of real power at a time we are apparently at war….and Sharia Law and Finance, huge mosques everywhere we look. Burkas are now a common sight on Britain’s streets. Brown is known to have sought financial assistance from Saudi Arabia and with this no doubt, more rampant Islamification and centres to culturally enrich us all.

Pat Condell, the comedian, was censored by You Tube, for calling the Saudis and Sharia lovers ‘mentally ill’. Mr Condell was informed he had contravened ‘Hate Speech law’. Yet the next day a Moslem in California, produced a nasty You Tube video rant full of hatred and condemnation of Mr Condell. This man told us, we had to accept Sharia and that was that. Well I think the Saudis and Moslems are indeed mentally ill. In this I am serious and more than one serious, medical study has suggested that the very high proportion of internal arranged marriages between, cousins, uncles and nieces, even men old enough to be the grandfathers of 14 years old brides, could cause serious genetic problems and inherent weaknesses within the Moslem world. Congenital idiocy, Mongolism and Moronism are high risk dangers in any society so interbred.

I do not think the British even at their most apathetic will ever accept Wahabist Sharia, especially if it demands men and women give up drink, stop playing music, that women cover up with all the rest of the paraphernalia of stoning and amputation that comes with it.

People have had enough and it will only be a short time, as the Financial crisis bites more deeply, and families having to tolerate these evil schemes and idiot amoral politicians, seeking to get the Moslem vote, may well decide enough is enough.

Councils across the country have admitted that our Council rates are going to go through the roof, simply to support the millions of migrants flooding into this country. My own researches have shown that the population is actually near 67,000,000 to 70,000,000, much of it fed of course by massive influxes of asylum seekers, with native Britons of all colours and creeds pushed to the back of the queue to make way for the newcomers.

Even new jobs will not assist, with 80% of them going to foreigners, We have 4,000,000 work-shy souls on benefits. We also have a situation wherein, 40% of all jobs now exist in the public sector-40 percent!-Totally insane and unsustainable; especially in a crisis.

As jobs fade and people lose homes, who will help the native Britons? Not, it seems the local authorities and DWP. I took a Civil Service exam just before Christmas and at least 80% of the applicants were aliens and I do not refer to Commonwealth British subjects but newcomers.

When I first started researching politics, I was able to prove that New Labour got into power on the ethnic vote, especially the Moslem inner city vote from which it obtains its power. These constituency borders were gerrymandered by Human Rights lawyers some years into the Blair Government. Brown is unfortunately set to win another Election, simply because under the new boundaries fiddled by New Labour, they need double the votes of the Socialists to even get a low majority in the Commons. This was why the Police were able to arrest a Tory senior Minister and abuse Parliament before Christmas. Labour knows it is almost invincible.

I know this will upset many but the fact remains that I do believe the next government will again be Labour. Brown and his cabal would have been out of power in the old days, especially with the £ at an all time low. Brown created this mess and will continue to create one. A second bank bail out will happen.

I just hope that those twerps like my cousins above who believe ‘Brown’ is reliable and that ‘don’t do politics’, will come to regret their naivety as they start to lose their ‘lifestyles’ and have to face real hardship in their misbegotten lives. The Tories actually got more votes in the 2005/2006 Election.

These numpties may finally come to realise like the rest of us already knew, that it is not a good idea for democracy to have a Socialist Government elected into power by a mere 20% of the populace, most of it made up of minority interests and loser groups, and some pretty strange agendas that we see increasingly taking over our daily lives.

I would suggest that New Labour and its Media BBC chums, take careful note of what I have written. Many of these believe the British populace is far too demoralised to do anything about it. I know for a fact that, the Home Office and the Army have informed Brown, that they could not control a situation of serious civil unrest. Miliband last year, refused to give an assurance that ‘foreign troops’ and in particular ‘EuroGendarmerie Force’ will not be allowed into Britain. I was told before Christmas, that the Commander in Chief, United Kingdom Land Forces informed the Cabinet that ‘the Army High Command would not be responsible if they tried to seek aid from this source’…..

It is clear to me that Brown is trying to abolish the Monarchy. Straw wants to repeal the Act of Settlement and allow Catholics and women members of the Royal family to ascend the throne, under Human Rights and multiculturalist agendas. Our national Christian faith and Church is under daily attack, with even Archbishops seeking to install Sharia Law.

In short, the country is increasingly delusional and disillusioned, as people come to understand the asylum we have become… even aliens within our own land.

I fear a real civil rebellion may take place, unleashing the pent up anger and frustration of a British People, ignored, abused and scorned by the cabal of crooks and con men that seek to dominate us. And quite frankly they have every right to feel this way after twenty years of social engineering, that has been an unmitigated disaster. It will be generations before we recover our national soul. I have seen civil war and it is not pleasant I am afraid.

The only hope we have is that once it dawns, even on the most stupid like my cousins, the huge scale of the national betrayal, that Socialism as a credible political creed will be destroyed and even banned, and also Islamism, Globalism with it, vitiated and hated as much as Nazism is today.
And just for the record the BNP and UKIP are not Nazis. They are what I would class as traditional Tories.

You know, just like Churchill.

Sunday, 14 December 2008


This piece from Leo McKinstry at the Daily Express is well deserving of a second airing for those of you who don’t read that particular newspaper and even those of you who do.

Mr McKinstry is saying what the BNP have been saying for years and merely pointing out what anyone who pays attention to what is going on in our poor nation already knows.

Strangely he doesn’t mention the BNP at all which in our supposedly free democratic society seems odd as they’ve been campaigning on this very issue for a long time, well before any members of the other parties would even acknowledge that there was one.

Some of them still don’t.

OPEN-DOOR POLICY: The Government lacks the will meaningfully to control our borders

Monday September 8,2008

By Leo McKinstry

LABOUR'S policy on immigration has been a wrecking ball at the heart of our society.
Our borders and identity have been destroyed. The fabric of our towns and cities has been transformed.

A once homogenous, gentle, cohesive nation has been changed into an overcrowded landmass full of conflicting ethnic groups. Thanks to 11 years of destructive rule under Brown and Blair, Britain is becoming a place without soul or sense of mutual belonging.

For too long, the political classes have colluded in the Government’s determination to wipe out our nationhood.

Fearful of accusations of “racism”, they have joined in the official pantomime called “celebrating cultural diversity”, the process by which Britons are meant to express joy at the ruination of their own country.

But at last, some brave voices are saying that enough is enough. Today the backbench Labour MP Frank Field is to join forces with Tory Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, in launching a new cross-party immigration group.

The damage has already been done to our nation.

The central demand from Field and Soames is that the Government should impose a strict limit on the annual number of migrants in future.

Given the current scale, such a step could hardly be more necessary, with about 600,000 people arriving here every year. But the Government has no intention of introducing tough restrictions.

This is because the top ranks of the Labour party are dominated by socialist ideologues who despise Britain and its past. They see immigration as a vital tool in their project to refashion our society, wiping out the old structure and replacing it with a new multi-cultural entity.

If Labour wanted to stem the tide of immigration it would have done so years ago. After all, other European countries have demonstrated the requisite toughness. Italy has sent in troops to deal with immigrants, while even socialist Spain has introduced drastic new restrictions on visas. But Labour does not even want to try.

The flood of immigrants will therefore only intensify, swelled by such disastrous moves as the secret plan drawn up by the Home Office to grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants living here, a group whose number could be as high as one million.

Such a step will only encourage yet more illegal immigration by signalling that Gordon Brown’s state machine has lost control of our borders.

Even if there were some new curbs, it would be too late for the damage has already been done to the fabric of our nation. The Government’s eager embrace of mass immigration has left Britain in upheaval. More than a third of the babies born here are to migrant mothers, with the figure reaching almost 60 per cent in London.

In many of our big cities, the indigenous population will be in the minority before 2020. Meanwhile, 400,000 Britons are leaving the country every year, accelerating the process of demographic change.

To the social revolutionaries, these statistics are only to be welcomed. “Britain is more racially diverse than ever which is brilliant,” says Ratna Dutt of the Race Equality Foundation. But for anyone who truly loves Britain, the figures represent the slow death of a nation.

There is nothing “brilliant” about the cultural chaos which mass immigration has brought. Economically, our public services are under intolerable strain. Contrary to what ministers claim with their prattle about the economic benefits of migration, the tidal wave of newcomers has actually been a huge burden on the taxpayer, particularly since migrants are twice as likely as the indigenous population to be unemployed or claiming benefits.

Furthermore, mass immigration has brought a shocking rise in crime, family breakdown, drug abuse and gangland violence. Before the importation of large numbers from the Third World, our inner city streets were not awash with blood from teenage stabbings and shootings.

Similarly, the rapid Islamifi-cation of our land has not only transformed our urban landscape, with the mosque replacing the traditional Christian church, but has also led to the spread of superstition, misogyny and the breakdown in the principle of equality before the law, as sharia law increasingly prevails in Muslim areas.

Above all, mass immigration has poisoned civic life in Britain because every public policy is now seen through the prism of race. As a result, we have a climate of permanent division and distrust between ethnic groups, each of them hyping their grievances and blaming supposed discrimination for any of their failings.

Too many of our state services are now paralysed by this fixation with racism, where more concern is shown over the ethnic composition of their workforces than with meeting the needs of the public. The current turmoil at the top of the Metropolitan Police, where the assistant commissioner Tariq Ghaffur has brought charges of racism against his boss Sir Ian Blair, is a classic example of this trend.

At the same time, ordinary Britons are vilified by the Government for their instinctive love of their country and told that their fears over immigration are nothing but xenophobia.

The wish to destroy one’s country used to be described as treachery. Tragically for Britain, it is now simply Labour policy.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Here is a little something from the Brussels Journal from the renowned Norwegian blogger Fjordman. It is well worth a read as this man knows what he is talking about.

The Execution of Britain

From the desk of Fjordman on Thu, 2008-06-05 12:14

I will defend all Western and indeed infidel countries against Islamic Jihad, but I admit I feel especially close to Britain, not just because of the long cultural and historic ties between Scandinavia and the British Isles, but also because I appreciate the good that has come out of British culture. It makes me all the more sad to see how humiliated this great nation is today, and how many natives feel forced to leave what once was their country.

In May 2008, 18 year-old Ben Smith was stopped in a routine check. The police officer noticed an English flag on the parcel shelf and ordered him to remove it because it was "racist towards immigrants." One of the first things foreign powers usually do when they invade a country is to ban its national symbols. The fact that you can no longer run your flag in parts of Britain – and the Netherlands, Sweden, France, etc. – shows that the country is de facto under occupation, not just by Muslims, but by Multiculturalists and Globalists of all kinds.

In an essay entitled Put away the flags, Howard Zinn, the Leftist author of the best-selling book A People's History of the United States, writes that "On this July 4, we would do well to renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in song that God must single out America to be blessed. Is not nationalism – that devotion to a flag, an anthem, a boundary so fierce it engenders mass murder – one of the great evils of our time, along with racism, along with religious hatred?" He concludes that "We need to assert our allegiance to the human race, and not to any one nation."

The problem is, rights can only be protected by sovereign states upholding their territorial integrity. How is "the global community" or "the human race" going to protect Mr. Zinn's liberties? For a free society to function, the state has to pass laws in the best interest of its citizenry and enforce these within its territory. Otherwise, self-government is impossible. In order to defend this territory from outside aggression, people need to identify with it as something more than just a random space on a map. By removing sovereign states, you remove the very foundations of a free society. Maybe some groups actually desire this?

The British Foreign Minister Milliband stated late in 2007 that the European Union should expand to include Muslim nations in North Africa and the Middle East. The French President Sarkozy and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed this early in 2008. Since the EU involves the free movement of people across borders, European leaders are thus opening the floodgates to tens of millions of Muslims at a time when native Europeans already feel like aliens in their own cities. It's the greatest betrayal in the history of Western civilization and it has been planned for many years, as those who have read Bat Ye'or's writings about Eurabia will know.

I believe native Europeans should seriously consider creating a European Indigenous People's Movement to protect our interests. Our authorities currently reward those who use violence and punish those who don't. Native Europeans are ignored if we protest peacefully against mass immigration or the expanding pan-European superstate. Muslims get concessions while we are treated with increasing hostility from those who are supposed to be our leaders.

Muslims in Jordan, a country that takes part in the Barcelona process of "Euro-Mediterranean cooperation" and thus a likely future EU member, recently sued the Danish cartoonists who drew Muhammad for "blasphemy" against Islam, a "crime" that potentially carries the death penalty according to sharia law. Not too many years into the future, we could face a situation where citizens of, say, Denmark could be arrested by their own authorities and handed over to be tried for "crimes against Islam" in one of the Arab "partner countries" of the EU. If this sounds unthinkable to you, look at the case of the Dutch cartoonist who was recently arrested by a dozen police officers for the crime of publishing cartoons insulting immigrants.

PM Tony Blair expressed "profound relief" over the end of a hostage crisis in 2007 where British soldiers had been kidnapped by the Islamic Republic of Iran, telling the mullahs that "we bear you no ill will." Blair will be remembered as one of the worst leaders in history. Even Chamberlain didn't flood his country with enemies and present this as something positive. Mass immigration has been going on for decades but showed a spectacular increase under Blair's and Brown's Labour regime. The spike was so powerful that it is tempting to speculate whether the authorities had deliberately set out to dismantle their own nation.

According to newspaper columnist Leo McKinstry, the English are being turned into second-class citizens in their own country: "England is in the middle of a profoundly disturbing social experiment. For the first time in a mature democracy, a Government is waging a campaign of aggressive discrimination against its indigenous population."

Similar things are happening all over the Western world, not just in England or Britain, but Britain is definitely one of the worst countries, yes. I've been debating with people which country is most likely to get the first Eurabian civil war triggered by mass immigration. There are several possible candidates, but my money is on Britain, because the anger among ordinary citizens is only rivaled by the brutal political repression tactics.

In a survey published in April 2008, one in three medical doctors in Britain said that elderly patients should not be given free treatment if it were unlikely to do them good for long. At the same time, Muslim men with multiple wives have been given the go-ahead to claim extra welfare benefits. The "welfare state" now means that the natives should watch grandma die because she's getting old anyway and we need the money to pay Muslims with multiple wives and numerous children so that they can feel comfortable while colonizing the country.

Also in April 2008, David T, a stunned dad and his little boy, were banned from swimming at a popular public sports centre in east London because this was a "Muslim men-only swimming" session. Several Christian priests have been physically attacked by Muslims in east London, leading one bishop to worry about "no-go-zones" for Christian in some parts of the country. In early June, a Muslim police community support officer ordered Christian preachers to stop handing out gospel leaflets in a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham. They were threatened with arrest for committing a "hate crime" and were told they risked being beaten up if they returned. In March 2008, two Islamic terrorists were moved to different prisons after complaining that their fellow inmates were "too white." Dhiren Barot had masterminded a radioactive bomb plot involving limousines packed with nails and explosives and Omar Khyam plotted to blow up the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.

How do native Brits react to this? Well, some get angry, as they should. Bryan Cork, 49, was jailed for six months for "racist slurs" after he had shouted insults at Muslim worshippers outside a Cumbria mosque, including "proud to be British" and "go back to where you came from." This was after the London Jihadist bombings in 2005. Judge Paul Batty told him that racism in any form would not be tolerated. I hear much talk about "national suicide" these days, but Mr. Cork apparently had no desire to commit national suicide, he was held down by his own authorities for refusing to accept the organized destruction of his nation. What we are dealing with here isn't suicide; it's an execution of an entire nation, perhaps an entire civilization, the greatest civilization ever created by man.

Even children face this kind of ideological intimidation. Codie Stott, a teenage British schoolgirl, was forced to spend hours in a police cell after she was reported by her teachers for "racism." She had objected, in the mildest possible terms, to being placed during class with a group of South Asian immigrants who talked among themselves in a language she didn't understand. For this, she was dragged to the local police station and had her fingerprints and photograph taken. 18-year-old Jamie who has Down's syndrome and the mental age of a five-year-old was charged with "racism" after an argument with an immigrant. Meanwhile, the UK is being brought to its knees in an epidemic of violent crime and white native girls get raped by immigrants in spectacular numbers, just like all over Western Europe.

Why do people still take this lying down? I wonder about that sometimes. Maybe they feel that their votes don't matter and have resigned into a state of quiet apathy. Since many are dependent upon government support and being branded a "bigot" could cause you to lose your livelihood, people still have too much to lose by openly opposing these policies. Such subtle blackmail can be quite effective in suppressing dissent. This could, however, change rapidly in the event of a serious economic downturn. Another crucial element is confusion. People are deliberately kept in the dark by the media and the authorities regarding the full scale of what they are facing. Combined with Muslim violence and intimidation of critics, we have a climate of fear and confusion. People who are scared and confused can be easily controlled.

I've recently been re-reading the books of American evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond, especially Guns, Germs, and Steel. He has some points, but his most important flaw is his complete failure to explain how the Greater Middle East went from being a global centre of civilization, which it was in ancient times, to being a global centre of anti-civilization. This was not caused by smallpox or because zebras are more difficult to domesticate than water buffaloes. It was caused by Islam. Diamond, with his emphasis on historical materialism, fails to explain the rise of the West and especially why English, not Arabic, Chinese or Mayan, became the global lingua franca. What's so special about those rainy and foggy islands?

As Australian author Keith Windschuttle told a New Zealand audience, "The concepts of free enquiry and free expression and the right to criticise entrenched beliefs are things we take so much for granted they are almost part of the air we breathe. We need to recognise them as distinctly Western phenomena." He warns that the survival of this great achievement now depends entirely "on whether we have the intelligence to understand their true value and the will to face down their enemies."

No other civilization on earth ever created an equivalent of the European university system. One of the most important reasons why Europe surpassed China during the early modern age is more political freedom and free speech. The reason why English became the dominant language is because Britain and its offspring enjoyed great political liberty even by Western standards, and a corresponding economic dynamism.

Probably no empire in world history has been more benevolent than the British Empire, yet a report from February 2008 recommended that patriotism should be avoided in school lessons because British history is "morally ambiguous." I suppose Islamic history isn't, with almost 1400 years of brutal Jihad warfare on several continents?

I'm sure the British are being told that the ongoing mass immigration is a result of their "colonial history." I live in a country with no colonial history, yet we are still subject to mass immigration. We are also being told that we should allow Pakistani or Nigerian flags to celebrate our Constitution Day because this will be "good for integration." This has nothing to do with colonialism. So what does it have to do with? Well, I'm starting to wonder whether it has something to do with the Western love affair with free speech and political liberty. Those who desire a world where society is regulated and everybody does what the authorities tell them to do fear this Western preference for political self-determination.

If we look at the West during the past thousand years, we have generally enjoyed an unusually high degree of freedom and power sharing. This has been the case more in some periods and countries than in others, but in the big scheme of things this remains true. However, although this arrangement has been good for our civilization as a whole, some of our elites apparently are jealous of the more authoritarian system in other cultures. They want to turn the West into a "normal," meaning more corrupt and less free, civilization, aided by the forces of globalization. We are witnessing rising nepotism, and perhaps those at the top desire this.

The political elites no longer believe in stupid things such as borders, cultures and national sovereignty. Islam upsets their world-view, so they ignore it and move on with their project of globalization, anyway. The most hardcore Leftists actively side with Islam because its hatred of the West and its concept of a global umma coincide with their own globalist outlook. Yes, I know that Socrates stated "I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world," but I don't think he meant it quite as literally as Western elites do now. Socrates didn't have an entire village of Muslims transplanted to his street during the space of a single generation, and he didn't have his daughters or female relatives raped by Muslims in his own country.

Our traditional freedoms were the result of a specific culture, developed over centuries of hard struggles. Maybe other cultures have to go through similar struggles of their own to achieve this, and some will perhaps never be able to do so. We should protect our freedoms at home before we try to export them, and we should protect them by preserving the European-derived culture which created them.

Our enemies, internal and external, want to destroy the Western world because we represent liberty, and they want to destroy Britain in particular because it gave birth to the most powerful pro-liberty culture within the Western tradition. I hope the British can regain their strength and throw off their traitor class, but they need to do so soon. We cannot allow the greatest nation in human history to be destroyed by the planet's most barbaric cultures. The British people, like their Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and Danish counterparts, have every right to desire self-determination and self-preservation, and limit or even completely halt immigration as they see fit to ensure this. Those who say otherwise are evil, and need to be exposed as such. The Western world is under attack by a global Islamic Jihad. To support continued mass immigration of Muslims in this situation should be regarded as high treason, and punished as such.

Dragging Their Heels?

Just a quick post to let you know that Cllr’s Gamble and Blair still haven’t received their computers and internet connections yet and we’re told they won’t be up and running for another week. This will be around seven weeks from when they were elected to the Council until they can send or receive email which is an essential tool for Council business. I don’t know which of the two possibilities for this I find the most appalling, the idea that this Council is so inefficient or the more likely probability that they are dragging their heels to inconvenience and disrupt the work of the hated BNP Councillors.

Democracy Nu Labour style?

Well John, being John, decided he wasn’t prepared to wait for the computer, the internet, the diary and the surgery office space and we’ve been putting out this leaflet in his ward.

I’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Kids on the Block

Now a quick word from newly elected BNP Councillor John Gamble about the first Council meeting he attended along with fellow BNP Councillor Will Blair.

Apparently according to custom or some rule or other (they didn’t really explain) new Councillors are not allowed to speak at their first meeting. A situation some of the less able minded Nu Labour representatives took full advantage of.

Over to John

I would like to let the people of Rotherham know how we are getting on as the new kids on the block in the Council Chambers. Well, not unexpectedly, hardly anyone speaks to us and some have been very ignorant and even abusive.

We went to the Mayor making ceremony but declined to attend the following banquet as we didn’t think it right to be feasting at taxpayers’ expense when the Council have made so many cuts in funding for the elderly and disabled.

The new Mayor Cllr Ann Russell spoke and amongst other things stated that there would be no racism (Nu Labour are obsessed with it) or personal attacks on her watch. All well and good you would suppose, until my fellow ward Councillor Reg Littleboy got up to speak. He let forth a tirade of abuse and ignorant thoroughly disgusting comments directed at us whilst the Mayor just sat and listened.

So much for her fine words about not allowing personal attacks on her watch. This does not seem to me to be a good start to Cllr Russell’s term as Mayor as it indicates that the rules are to be applied selectively for the benefit of the Labour majority. This isn’t surprising as Nu Labour talk a lot about fairness and equality but that only really applies if you agree with them or as in the case of the conservatives, don’t disagree too much. The Tories are, as far as I can tell, treated decently being part of the political establishment, but despite their recent gains I don’t really see them becoming a major political force in Rotherham any time soon. The BNP on the other hand frighten Labour as they’ve pulled out all the stops to keep us out and we still got two Councillors elected.

Cllr Littleboy
(not doing his Sandie Shaw impersonation)

As well as calling us Nazis and Fascists Littleboy’s buffoonery included a very animated version of the old Sandie Shaw song ‘Puppet on a String’ and he referred to Will and myself as ‘Auntie Marlene’s puppets’. The irony of a lifelong glove puppet like Reg Littleboy implying that we didn’t have minds of our own provided us with a bit of a smile but seemed lost on the other Labour members. Unfortunately we were not allowed to speak in our own defence but that will keep for a later date.

I believe the council chamber is for discussion of council matters, not a place to deliver personal abuse and childish ranting.

With his obvious hatred for us and what we stand for I’m left wondering what he really thinks of the people of Rotherham who voted for us, he did refer to them but had enough of his evidently limited self control left to merely call them ‘misguided’.

So after all the years they’ve been supporting Labour the electorate are suddenly ‘misguided’.

No Reg they aren’t, the electorate want what they’ve always wanted, proper representation on the council from someone who actually cares about them and many of the people in Brinsworth and Maltby have realised that they will only get this from BNP councillors and not from the self serving clique that the Labour Party has become.

As I write this I have not yet received the computer and phone I need and was promised, but they have given me a pen, I haven’t got the diary that goes with it yet or sorted out my surgery times and dates but I will get this fixed as soon as I’m able.

The people in my ward have been fantastic and many have congratulated me and shaken my hand, my walk to the shops or to post letters now takes twice as long because of this but it’s well worth it.
I walked the streets of my ward to deliver my election campaign leaflets and met the people, unlike Labour who paid for the service.

I am determined to be a good Councillor for my ward and to help the people and get their views and concerns over to this Nu Labour Council. The rudeness we have been subjected to wasn’t unexpected but we deal with it by using the mind over matter technique that Marlene mentioned in her last blog post i.e. ‘we don’t mind because they don’t matter’.

Why is it that if you don’t agree 100% with Labour they think they have a right to be arrogant and insulting towards you? What do they think it achieves apart from shooting themselves in the foot. Recently I was having a conversation with Peter Broomhead one of our BNP candidates at last year’s elections and I think he summed up their attitude nicely when he said ‘they just don’t like anyone else having a go with their train set’.

Finally, I know how afraid people are and how angry they are about how this government is treating us. I shall take that message to the council chamber and will keep you informed of our progress.

Best Regards

Cllr John Gamble

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Oh dear, have we upset someone?

Just a quick post as I haven't been paying as much attention to the blog as perhaps I should recently with the elections and all. For those of you who don't already know we managed to get two BNP councillors elected in Rotherham which is quite an achievement in this town so congratulations to Cllr's Gamble and Blair, I'm absolutely sure they will do a superb job serving the people in their wards. As an added bonus Cllr Gamble unseated the incumbent Mayor which won't have pleased the Labour Party at all but it gave us a degree of satisfaction.

But to be fair, the Labour Party deserve some of the credit for being so unremittingly
bloody awful and In fact we're counting on more Labour Party assistance of this sort in the next round of elections.

I'd also like to sincerely thank all the BNP candidates who did not get elected this time around. It takes a lot of courage or a serious case of 'I've had as much as I can stand and I'm not gonna take anymore' anger to stand for the BNP in this town at this moment in time with the 'Politically Correct Brigade' having the whip hand over our nation. This I believe will change over time, as indeed it's starting to.

Thanks also go out to everyone who helped in the campaign, with the leafletting, folding etc. your support (you know who you are) was and is very much appreciated.

I noticed, when I got around to looking, that the last blog post (BNP hope not hate) attracted rather a lot of comment but strangely enough none of them were really on topic and indeed most if not all consisted of personal attacks on myself. Well, I was heartbroken, I can't imagine what I/we have done to upset these people (two BNP councillors in Rotherham perhaps?).

In all my time as a member of the BNP and as Rotherham organiser I've never had anyone say anything nasty or hateful to me or tell lies about me so I'm going to leave the comments as they are to remind me to be nice and do my best not to upset anyone. The comments, incidentally, also serve to demonstrate quite clearly the calibre of some of the BNP's opposition. Rather than take on our policies or beliefs with a constructive argument or criticism they prefer to launch straight into the infantile name calling. I suppose for them its much more satisfying as it's quick, easy (their minds are operating at their accustomed level) and they don't have to do any of that tiresome thinking that lefties and their fellow travellers find so burdensome.

I was asked by a friend if these type of comments actually bother me and the short answer is no. I use a mind over matter technique to get me through i.e. ' I don't mind because they don't matter'.

I do in fact find it rather encouraging as it puts me in mind of the old saying

' If you're not taking flak you're not over the target'.

It would seem that the BNP in Rotherham is most definitely over the target.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


The people of Rotherham HOPE this lying Labour Government will keep its promise and let us have a referendum on the EU as we HATE liars.

The people of Rotherham HOPE they will stop mass immigration as we would HATE to concrete over Britain to house them all.

The Rotherham Labour Councillors HOPE you will keep voting Labour as they would HATE to have to pull their snouts out of the trough.

The old folk of Rotherham HOPE this Council will stop making cuts in their care package and HATE themselves and feel deservedly guilty for...







£100,000 on consultants to see why nobody goes into town

£6000 for the Leader to go to Memphis, twice!

£150,000 on the big telly in the square

£86,000 on 'Council Matters' newspaper to tell you how good Labour is to us.

Over £400,000 on Dolly Parton’s Library

We HOPE the Councillors of this town will realise they have a duty of care to us, the indigenous people because we HATE being second class citizens in our own country.

This year nearly one million pounds will go towards support services for new arrivals and the schools they attend! Labour, as usual, chasing the immigrant vote with our money



Have we the indigenous British ever been asked if this is what we want? The BNP is the only political party to tell you the real truth about the effects of mass, unchecked immigration on our country. We do not blame immigrants who come here seeking a better life, we blame LABOUR, THE CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS FOR ALLOWING IT.

We cannot continue this total madness, what will be left for future generations of native British. Your children and grandchildren, what will you tell them?

Immigrants now occupy one in fifteen English homes. Makes you think doesn't it?